R. Sanderson creations are named after British daffodils, also known as the golden flower, a symbol of hope and new beginnings


R · SANDERSON London is a maker of precious, one-of-a-kind women shoes and accessories. Its creations are synonymous with exceptional artistry and contemporary elegance, distinguished by the hand-gilded 24-carat gold leaf heel and “Pebble” that are instantly recognisable by their artistic expressiveness.

Bertrand Mak founded R. Sanderson in 2016 shortly after creating the first 24-carat gold leaf heel with reimagined lacquering techniques and specialist gilding know-how, challenging conventions of luxury footwear. Invented and performed entirely in-house, exclusively for R. Sanderson, Crystalline™ blends age-old craftsmanship and technology to achieve extraordinary finishes that continually astonish and captivate, laying the bedrock for growth.


BERTRAND MAK, next to a Shadows II screenprint by ANDY WARHOL

Under the vision and creative direction of Bertrand Mak, in collaboration with British designer Rupert Joseph Sanderson and unsung artisans from all over the world, R. Sanderson creations are infused with emotions and passionately crafted by hand in Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany and Japan. Combining precious media with expertise handed down from generations, every piece is unique and a testament to superlative quality.

The spirit of audacious ingenuity is deeply embedded in the DNA of the brand, exemplified not only in the breakthrough of each collection but the relentless endeavours to nurture and inspire creativity and excellence. R. Sanderson creations are available only in directly operated boutiques to assure their rarity and prestige. With an ongoing expansion strategy, R. Sanderson will continue to amplify its expression and reach to bring forward objects of art that will become legends of tomorrow.

Pebble Tray

precious, one-of-a-kind, instantly recognisable by their artistic expressiveness;
each can be individually selected to pair with majority of styles from the R. Sanderson repertoire