Jul 2019

in benefit of
The End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation

Hong Kong - Inspired by the spirit and personification of courage and battle-strength, from Greek mythology, amplified by the slogans “Be Brave”, “Trust Yourself” and “Believe in Extraordinary”, R · SANDERSON SAUVEREIGN ALKE, a collection of luxury "athelegant" footwear, is the consummation of fusing bravery, empowerment and individuality.

In this inspiring spirit, R. Sanderson Sauvereign is proud to announce its support to The End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation through a series of efforts including direct donations, proceeds of sales of ALKE, and a dedicated “Be Brave” digital and social media campaign featuring a selection of brave Hong Kong women from all walks of life sharing their personal definition and stories of bravery. R. Sanderson Sauvereign is determined and committed to raising the much-needed funds and awareness of this very worthy Hong Kong grass-roots charity and cause.

The End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation (ECSAF) is a non-government charitable organisation founded in November 1998 by Ms. Siao Fong Fong MBE, an award-winning actress and qualified child psychologist/therapist, with a mission to protect youngsters under 18 from sexual abuse.

ECSAF’s Educational Outreach Programmes provide sex education and teach children how to protect themselves against sexual abuse. ECSAF engages professional psychologists in giving individual counselling services to victims and their families, as well as abusers.

In addition, ECSAF organises seminars and public events to raise awareness on the dangers and consequences of child sexual abuse in order to help parents better protect their children. With the help from all sectors of the community, ECSAF has successfully delivered relevant messages to primary and secondary schools, special schools and the general public over the past 20 years.

‘I am so grateful for the generosity of R. Sanderson Sauvereign and Mr. Bertrand Mak, Founder & Chief Executive.’, says Ms. Siao Fong Fong MBE, President of ECSAF. ‘Their slogans “Be Brave”, “Trust Yourself”, and “Believe in the Extraordinary”exactly express our spirit, and our efforts at ECSAF. I'm truly moved by their commitment to us with the ALKE collection.’, says Ms. Siao Fong Fong MBE, President of ECSAF.

R. Sanderson Sauvereign is proud to be a committed supporter and friend of the ECSAF, through ALKE to support this very worthy cause, raising awareness of what is considered a taboo subject in Hong Kong. With our “Be Brave” campaign, we offer our unwavering support to Fong Fong and her Foundation, in spirit and action’, says Mr. Bertrand Mak, Founder & Chief Executive, R. Sanderson Sauvereign.

For more information on ECSAF - www.ecsaf.org.hk

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